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If you are the one being rescued it may be a sign that it is okay to ask for help in your waking life. There may be a need for a boost of energy that can only come from reaching out to others. If you are the one rescuing, then you may be sensing that someone needs help. You may also want to check into your relationships to ensure that you are not acting as an enabler for others that could otherwise help themselves. If you are watching someone being rescued, then it is an indication of someone needing help and the situation is out of your hands. You will have to help from afar. In what ways could you use a little help in your life? Are you capable of helping yourself? Are you relying on others too much?

See Help, Addiction, Programs, Pattern, Relapse, Life Raft, Life Jacket, Ambulance, Hospital, Fire Fighter, Fire, Water, Danger, Emotions, Accident, Crash, Wreck, Help, Drown, Emergency, Helicopter, Cliff, Injured, Obstacle.

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