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The places you go that act as transition points in the journey of life. Temporary identity. A part of you that is ready to pick a new direction in life or a long-term goal with an air of confidence. You may have to make some needed stops or changes along the way to pick up knowledge and understanding before you move on. There may also be many people you need to meet along the way as a part of your growth and development stages. You are becoming aware that goals are needed in life. If you are the driver of the subway train, you are going in the right direction. If someone else is the conductor, then you are going the wrong way. Are you driving yourself in life or is someone else taking the wheel? Have you figured out the ideal path towards your destination?

See Driving, Aboard, Train, Stop, People, Crowd, Tunnel, Underground, Direction, Choice, Identity, Self, Yourself, Wait, Travel, Experience.

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