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The places you go that act as transition points in the journey of life. Temporary identity. The airport is the area where planes take off. This is related to spiritual travel and the four corners of your spiritual reality. It is the point of departure for your spiritual awakenings- your spiritual launchpad. An airport has several points of interest within it. Where you are in the airport is important. Are you in the parking lot? At the train station? At the Luggage claim? At airport security? At the aircraft gates or terminals? In the waiting area? At the runway? On the plane? These are all prominent areas of interest. The airport is where you board to go to new aspects of reality and where you wait for a new change in your life. Are you actively moving forward? Are you in control of your life? Are you confused? Are you confident or lost? These are all aspects of the self and shows you where you are mentally or emotionally. It indicates whether you need to take control of your life or to allow things to flow more in life.

See Travel, Direction, Airplane, Map, Compass, Buildings, Baggage, Bag, Flight, Wait, Ascend, Descend, Shift, Control, Letting Go, Valuables.

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