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Symbology used to convey ideas, expressions, and communications. It is time to go back to ABC, 123’s or the basics. Time to put your knowledge to work so that you can make more sense of things. A= A job well done. A + F= A sign of failure or that things are going down hill, especially if you see these two letters beside one another. Therefore, F alone could mean a failed attempt at something. T= You may be at a juncture in your life and must decide what course of action to take. Decisions, direction, seek direction from those that are on track in life, look both ways before crossing the road of life. If the T is upside down, it may be telling you that you did not take needed advice or that you should not give advice because it will not be accepted by another. X= Crossed swords or tension may be developing with someone. Someone is at a crossroad in their life. An X can mean no, stop or that you are going the wrong way. Your guides may be saying do not do that or stop it now. Y= Can mean a fork in the road. There is an important decision coming up in your life. There are two ways of looking at things. Get ready to branch out to something new in your life. Z= The need for sleep. Are you zigzagging through life? It may be time to find a new direction and go with it or stick to it.

See Crossroads, Symbology, Words, Sword.

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