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The basic, instinctual part of the self that is needing to tune in to nature, instincts, and basic survival. Each animal represents a different aspect of yourself. Animals come in dreams as helpers so you can balance your situation. If it bites you, look at the area where you are injured as this has significance. Look around wherever you are and pay attention to the animals that cross your path. You may be surprised with what nature is sharing with you. Are you listening?

See Symbolism, Power Animals, Tracking, Tracks, Tail, Jaws, Fur, Whiskers, Leather, Skin, Intuition, Tame, Wild, Control, Cage, Zoo, Veterinarian, Wilderness, Kennel, Muzzle, Leash, Hoof, Horn, Antlers, Quest, Protect, Transformation, Strength, Weak, Power, Manifest, Nature, Alpha, Barking, Growling, Herd, Howling, Mascot, Return, Seasons, Wagon, Saddle, Ride.

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