Meaning for

Archangel Azrael

The Angel of death. Azrael comforts those that are crossing over or dying and helps loved ones on Earth deal with the grieving process. He connects to those that have had near death experiences. He helps you celebrate shifts and changes and to see them as positive experiences instead of seeing them as a loss. When you are doing a life review or calling your soul pieces, this is the angel that helps. You may receive guidance through a review of your life, either via dreams or daydreams. If old memories keep reoccurring, then Azrael is helping you see something from a higher perspective. He works with Archangel Jeremiel. Is it time to let go of the past?

See Angel, Archangel, Past, Past Life, Memories, Sadness, Shift, Transformation, Letting Go, Death, Life, Archangel Jeremiel.

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