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Beech Tree

The beech tree is often associated with death or endings. Therefore, it is a great companion when you are in the process of letting go of the past and needing to make way for the future. The beech tree is thought to help you use the knowledge of the past to understand yourself in the now and to make changes that affect your future. The beech tree is also associated with holiness, protection, nurturing, shelter, and in bringing humans more creative energy. The beech tree is legendary for carrying prayers up to heaven. Healing Properties of the Beech Tree– Spending time with the Beech tree helps to balance sensitivity. It can also help clear the throat chakra. Beech bark and leaves have been used as concoctions by Native Americans for such things as stomach ailments, hair and skin health, certain inflammation issues, and to boost the immunity. They are also used as a disease preventative and much more. Meditating with the Beech Tree- Meditation, writing your wishes down on paper or speaking affirmations under the beech tree can be a very powerful experience. You can ask the Beech tree to help you create space with your heart for trust. Allow this powerful tree to guide you into thoughtful healings. Remember that memories invoke healing. Ask the tree to clear away triggers from past trauma that are holding you back from living in the now. Just be ready to recall things you once held inside. The beech tree can help you release old unwanted memories for good.

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