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Birch Tree

The birch tree is known as a symbol of protection, rebirth, and growth. Native Americans used the bark of this tree for such things as canoes, snowshoes, and tipis. The tree is thought to awaken energies and to help humans move into different dimensions. It also helps us move towards new beginnings by helping us clean up the past. Healing Properties of the Birch Tree– Birch is mostly known as a pain reliever, but it has also been used by Native Americans for sinus congestion, as a source of vitamin C and for the kidney, bladder, and urinary tract infections. It is often called the blood purifier. Meditating with the Birch Tree– The birch is a great helper when you are looking to manifest new opportunities into your life. Having a staff from a birch branch is thought to help with being able to spiritually travel into other dimensions. It is important that when working with the Birch tree to keep your intentions pure, as negative energy can be turned against you if you have the wrong intentions.

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