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The Color- Protection, evil, magic, and mystery. Black can be a distinguished color and can make one look smaller. The ability to hide something about oneself. Black is often associated with grieving and death. Death could just mean an ending of something. When something dies it makes way for the new. Letting go can be empowering. Power, secretiveness, sacrifice, anger, fear, formality, strength, or authority. Black has a lot of persuasion and may be used to get your attention so that you will get focused on what really matters. The Skin- is an indication of lifetimes when you lived in warmer countries or environments where you had a lot of sun exposure.

See Blackness, Black Energy, Blackmagic, Blackhole, Blackeye, Blackmail, Shade, Dark, Shadow, Yin, Hide, Death, Letting Go, Focus, Coal, Nothingness, Empty, Vacant, Feeling, Hollow, Hole, Barren, Skin.

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