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The inability to make progress or to move forward in an area of your life. Being held back by others. Feeling as though you have the world up against you. The need to make different choices in life. The need for freedom. The inability to make choices after being victimized or held back by an authority figure that intimidated you. A setback that stops you in your tracks and blocks you from moving forward in your life. An issue that has you totally shocked and speechless. Being cut off from words that you wanted to speak. Being cut off from growth in an area of your life. A blocked chakra system.

See Pain, Freedom, Wall, Boundaries, Underage, Unknown, Protect, Shield, Fence, Hedge, Hurdle, Trap, Control, Controller, Victim, Resentment, Sick, Choice, Decisions, Chakras, Clogged, Plumbing, Rescue, Rut, Sabotage.

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