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A part of you that is ambitious, driven, enthusiastic, capable, loyal, self-reliant, practical, persistent, hardworking, realistic, sensitive, disciplined, and that may be a bit of a workaholic. Do you sometimes become irritable and fussy with others when a job needs to be done? Are you a grudge holder? Are you short-tempered or do you have a short fuse? Do you have a hard time with others that do not have a good work ethic? Do you have a hard time with change? Is taking care of things at home and doing it yourself important to you? Does it mean a lot to you when people show you appreciation for your hard work? Is structure important for you? Does order seem like something everyone should strive for? Gemstones for Capricorn– garnet or rose quartz. December 22- January 21 may be an important time for shift and change.

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