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The places you go that act as transition points in the journey of life. Temporary identity. Vehicles and their sizes represent power, potential and capabilities. Going uphill means things are looking up or you are going the right way. It also means you are not taking a straight, flat road through a situation and so you are not totally in control of your life. If you are going downhill, then things may soon take a slide and you may be going in the wrong direction and perhaps your energy is scattered. If you are the driver, this is you taking control of your life and if someone else is driving it means you are allowing someone else to take the wheel of your life and you have no control over things. The color of the car may indicate upcoming moods in life situations. For example, if it is red, it could mean protection, fast and furious, or to be careful of an accident. Car dreams are important dreams. Try to remember other symbols or signs that you saw along the way. It will give you an indication of whether you need to slow down in life and pay attention or to get moving a little faster in a life situation.

See Driving, GPS, Brake, Engine, Parking Lot, Steer, Rear View Mirror, Vehicle, Cruise, Cruise Control, Self, Backwards, Reverse, Mechanic, Soul Pieces, Hobby, Ascend, Descend, Colors, Race, Rust, Speedometer, Stop Sign.

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