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Chestnut Tree

This magical tree helps humans connect more deeply with nature and earth energies. The chestnut tree has been noted as having been on earth for at least 85 million years, so it holds a lot of knowledge that humans can benefit from. The chestnut tree is a friend to humans and carries a lot of weight in old and current traditions alike. It is a strong tree that does not break down easily and therefore it has been useful for many things, such as mills, electric poles, crafts, firewood, charcoal, construction and much more. The wood from the tree has long been used for tanning leather as well. Leaving chestnuts for the spirits on All Saints Day is also thought to appease and settle spirits or ancestors. Cradles were once traditionally made from chestnut to protect babies from negative energies. Healing Properties of the Chestnut Tree– The leaves of the chestnut tree can be used for bronchitis and whooping cough and some digestive tract disorders. Chestnuts are the fruit of the tree and are high in antioxidants and vitamin C. They are also known to help with inflammation. Chestnuts can be made into flour and are good for making bread. Many cultures have used them as a substitute for potatoes. Meditating with the Chestnut Tree– Meditating with the chestnut tree can invoke powerful light and healing energy. It can help you tap into hidden knowledge and help you let go of the mental aspects of life and be in the now.

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