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An aspect of the self, or the inner child. Being vulnerable and needing support. Innocence, and open-mindedness. The need to be a bit more playful. Unrealized potential or the need for mental and emotional growth in a current life situation. Unresolved issues, unfulfilled hopes, and desires. Stuck in the past or the need to return to the ways of the past to recapture goodness within the self. Parts of self that are developing ideas, habits, or potential.

See Kid, Runaway, Toy, Baby, Mother, Father, Parents, Family, Underage, Adolescent, Young, Imagination, Growing, Children, Imagination, School, Bedwetting, Disobeying, Left Out, Experience, Park, Slide, Swing, Seesaw, Play, Amusement Park, Embarrassed, Stutter, Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets, Quintuplets.

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