Meaning for

Crown Chakra

I understand. Knowledge, higher self, consciousness, spirituality.

Your 7th  Chakra is your Crown Chakra. It is the colour WHITE. It is located at the top of the head, to the back of the highest part of the skull. It is the doorway or the portal to Heaven, as the 1st Chakra is the portal to Mother our Earth. Universal Life-force Energy enters here and feeds the entire Chakra system. It is associated with the pineal gland, which is the gateway to the intuitive world, so it governs our psychic perceptions, which is also linked with the production of melatonin and regulates our body’s internal clock. We become one with the universe at this Chakra, and at birth we remember where we come from within this chakra. We can open up this chakra again to reconnect with Heaven after we have forgotten Heaven. The Crown Chakra is the place of perception of spirit guides and of channeling. It is also related to our conscience. Those with poor morals may have a closed 7th chakra.

See Chakras, Conscousness, Subconscious.

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