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Influencing your own destiny. If you are the one taking the wheel of a vehicle, then this is you taking control and responsibility for your own life and your own actions, attitudes and so on. This is you going in the right direction in life. If someone else is in control of the vehicle, then this is you allowing someone else to take the wheel of your life and your inability to accept responsibility. You are going in the wrong direction. Are you handing over responsibility to others or blaming others for your mistakes? Is someone controlling you and or blocking you from being responsible? Is someone deceiving you and ‘taking you for a ride’ with their lies? Are you the deceptive one?

See Car, Train, Bus, Truck, Travel, Direction, Choice, Control, Blocked, Lies, Responsibility, Freedom, Vehicle, Driveway, Parking Lot, Hobby, Race, Ride, Self-Discovery, Self, Yourself, Speedometer, Underage.

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