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Your presence; the part of you that makes others feel good, bad, lively, engaged, connected, or disconnected. A measure of stamina of yourself or others around you based on thoughts, words or actions that let you expand your energy or cause you to pull it inward. Your non-physical force or essence is producing particles that move in constant motion and are in tune or misaligned with the universe or with the universal wisdom. Is your energy field feeling alive and vibrant? Are you needing a boost in energy? Is it time to get back to nature to rejuvenate? Has someone recently emotionally charged you in some way, good or bad?

See Nutrition, Aura, Merkabah, Black Energy, Energy Vampire, Vibration, Clearing, Cord Cutting, Black Energy, Smudge, Fuel, Body, Shield, Manifest, Matrix, Subatomic Field, Vitamins, Health, Dimensions.

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