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Connection with Mother Earth, balance, and nourishing or regenerating your energy. Left foot– It is time to receive and listen to your feelings. The roles you play and the things you do over and over in life. Right foot– It is time to give more of yourself to others. Use your mental mind to get things done. Both feet– Both feet represent safety, social positions, and physical or mental tendencies. Feet are your stability and your ability to move forward in life. The need for solid goals, desires, and direction. Are you moving forward or backwards in life? Are you emotionally balanced? Are you going barefoot enough to ground to Mother Earth? What position do you take in life, in relationships, in society or in general? Are you grounded energetically? Is your energy evenly distributed? Do you always keep your ‘feet in one canoe’ or try to balance between two?

See Ankles, Heel, Cramps, Tracks, Male, Female, Left, Right, Stairs, Steps, Fast, Slow, Slow Motion, Walk, Stop, Lunging Forward, Jump, Bare Foot, Grounded, Centipede, Choice, Decisions, Slippers, Shoes, Socks, Balance.

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