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Positivity, enjoyment, beauty, appreciation, success, and being congratulated. All flowers are individually important. Depending on the season of the flower it can tell you many things. For e.g., Lily- Summer, someone is passing away or will have a major ending soon. Poinsettia– Comes around Christmas so it is a sign of an important life event that may happen around that time. Tulips– They come in the spring and bring newness and hope. A Flower Unfolding- shows positive to come. A Wilting Flower– Represents an ending or a new beginning. Unrequited love or support that is being taken back or refused. Fall Flowers– Show completion and fulfillment. A time of plenty. A Flower Bud– Represents new beginnings. A Flowerpot– Represents the satisfaction of planting seeds in life and watching things flourish.

See Bouquet, Bud, Blossom, Plants, Garden, Growing, Leaf, Wreath, Celebrate, Funeral, Summer.

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