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Everyday life situations where you have the capacity to give and receive, in good or bad ways. Acts of power, actions, reactions, emotions, expression, anxiety, and nervousness (sweaty palms), assertiveness and communication. Controlling situations or acting when needed. Left Hand– Female, left side of the body, creativity, heart, sensations, spirit, love, taking in, receptivity, emotions, wholeness in situations, Yin, mother’s side, and dealing with the inner world. Right Hand– Right side of the body, male, logical, third eye, mind, analysing things, responsibility, Yang, father, dealing with the outer world, giving out, letting go, will and power.

See Responsibility, Fist, Left, Right, Give, Receive, Labour, Job, Palms, Bloody Hands, Praying Hands, Handshake, Letting Go, Gout, Emotions, Feeling, Stove, Hot, Burn, Sensual, Soft, Skin, Choke, Neck, Ball, Balance, Wrists.

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