Meaning for

Heart Chakra

I love. Love, sensitivity, compassion, sincerity.

Your 4th Chakra is at your HEART. It is located at your sternum. It is associated with the thymus gland, the main organ in the immune system. The primary colour for the heart chakra is GREEN and the other is PINK. Universal love and world unity is centered from this chakra. It is a very important one to not only clear, but also to understand. The uterus is sometimes called the “low heart” while the heart is the “high heart.” If someone has experienced rape, incest, abuse or shame, then they cannot truly open their high heart if formal healing has not occurred in the low heart. Lungs, breasts, and upper back are all sections of this high heart chakra. The “higher heart” is often placed and understood to be above the general heart chakra.  It has been called the thymus chakra or etheric heart. When doing sound healing, this is the area that you are most affected by. Often people hold their upper section of their heart, between the heart and the throat chakra, when they are describing a song they love, for instance. Emotions of Divine Love and compassion are born here.  Forgiveness can be easier to connect with when the higher Heart Chakra is clear.

When we have a clean heart, our Divine Mission comes to light. And if you know anyone that is doing their true purpose, you will notice that their underlying truth is that they do it for LOVE! So to not confuse, we have 3 heart chakras. One at the uterus area, one at the heart area and one above that, just under the throat chakra.

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