Meaning for


Warmth, nurturing and comfort. If needing heat, this represents the need for positive life experiences that warm up the soul. Love, charity, goodness, faith. All the things that light up your soul and help you get beyond this third dimensional life frequency. Heating up your spirituality is moving into the 5th dimensional reality where there is no time and space and therefore no discomforts. Heat is also the energy that comes from the amount of passion or intensity you put into a life situation. If you heat things up, then you are putting more effort towards something. If you are cooling things off, you are pulling away and stopping yourself from doing something. Is it time to work on your passions and desires? Is someone getting you upset and heating you up?

See Heater, Hot, Warm, Cold, Thermostat, Up, Down, Ascend, Descend, Dimensions.

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