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Bad wishes sent to you from someone trying to hold you back from moving forward. An energy clearing of your body, home and office may be needed. Psychic attacks that are affecting you mentally and emotionally. One can work with Archangel Michael to clear lower vibrational energies, bad wishes, or energy cords. Are you sometimes using negative self-talk and hexing yourself so to speak? Are you sending out your own spells on others by being frustrated and ‘wishing they would just…’? Have you ever laughed at someone’s misfortune thinking ‘good for them’? Is it time to work on positivity?

See Mean, Energy Vampire, Witch, Spell, Energy, Aura, Vibration, Smudge, House Clearing, Blackness, Black, Blackmagic, Black Energy, Archangel Michael, Intuition, Ogre, Attack, Spit, Anger, Jealous, Bully, Blocked, Control, Controller, Victim, Boundaries, Freedom, Resentment, Choice, Intruder, Rage, Sabotage.

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