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A part of you that is not being honest with yourself. What do you really want in your life? Are you being vague or holding back details from someone? Are you repeating questions before answering someone? Do you speak in sentence fragments, all the while avoiding the subject at hand? Is someone around you failing to provide specific details about a story when you challenge them? Is someone avoiding you? Is someone displaying behaviours such as playing with their hair, tapping, or making nervous body movements when you just want to get simple information from them?

See Honesty, Lies, Truth, Caught, Listen, Ego, Fake, False, Façade, Betrayal, Reality Tv, Polygraph Test, Lies, Cheat, Partner, Lover, Friend, Best Friend, Breakup, Separation, Heart Break, Sadness, Depression, Letting Go, Responsibility, Choice, Adultery, Sabotage, Embarrassed, Transparent, Ugly.

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