Meaning for

Life Purpose

Be your authentic or organic you. Let your Divine light shine onto the world in your own unique way. You came here to Earth school to grow and become more. You can apply your inherent powers and your natural earthly skills to accelerate your growth. Goals, direction, and living with meaning and purpose in mind. Choices, planning and building towards the future. Doing things in life that give you a sense of control and hope. Expression, creativity, and potential. Is it time to give a voice to your talents? Are you motivated in your life? Is there purpose in your life decisions, influences, or behaviours? Do you have a sense of direction in life? Do you do meaningful, satisfying work?

See Life, Karma, Akashic Records, Reincarnation, Incarnate Preparation, Journey, Life Journey, Life Review, Mission, Choice, Earth, Self-Discovery, U-turn.

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