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Linden Tree- (Tilia, Basswood)

The Linden tree could be coined as the tree that helps you tap into your inner-child, as it allows you to see things from a positive, light filled perspective. The spirit of the linden tree has helped poets and dreamers draw inspiration and to tap into deeper understanding of life, death, and transformation. If you are looking for inspiration for new ideas, this is the tree to connect with. The linden tree has been the chosen tree for mask making throughout Native American history and for good reason. The tree energy allows the mask wearer to shift, transform and to harmonize with the mood or the characteristics intended within the mask. A reminder that if you can dream it, you can be it. Healing Properties of the Linden Tree– Linden tree medicine can help alleviate cold symptoms and was used by the ancients to induce sweating to shed infections in the body. It also known for calming nervousness and relieving itchy skin. Meditating with the Linden Tree- it is often recommended to work with your inner child while sitting under the Linden tree.

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