Meaning for


The part of you that expresses outwardly about beliefs, patterns, programs, attitudes, emotions, judgements, limitations and thought processes. Communications, personalities, ideas, and expressions. Emotions, and sensitivities. Opening to the new. Is your life bitter, sweet, tasteful, tasteless, or expressive? Are you open-minded? Are you good at expressing your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and emotions?

See Braces, Tongue, Eat, Lick, Saliva, Kiss, French Kiss, Teeth, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Dentist, Food, Nurture, Vitamins, Absorb, Integrate, Talk, Conversations, Boundaries, Speech, Decisions, Negotiate, Protest, Listen, Lecture, Silent, Mute, Whistle, Mantra, Roar, Yell, Words, Beak.

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