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This is an important dream about you as a person and about all the different aspects of yourself. This could include your patterns, habits, or belief systems. This may be a time when you need to do inventory or do a review of your whole life. Look inward at the inner most depths of you as a human being and all that you are capable of, good or bad. What are your vices, or your virtues? What parts of you hold power over yourself or others? What are your good or bad traits? Are you struggling with problems in life? Are you examining situations in your life that went differently than you imagined? Are you going over past actions that showed you what you were capable of, good or bad? Are you ready to get beyond your life issues and tap into your inner wisdom and wholeness? What is your inner truth? Who are you really?

See Creature, Mystical, Griffon, Centaur, Fairy, Dragon, Mermaid, Unknown, Magic, Imagination, Identity.

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