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The lack of feeling about something in life. Numbness can be associated with awareness as it is showing you parts of yourself that you once paid no attention to. Though now you must pay attention if you want those parts of you to live on and or thrive. For example, numbness in the hands or arms may have to do with giving or receiving. Normalcy returning to the arms or hands is showing a readiness to balance giving and receiving. Numbness in the legs may be about having a lack of feelings about moving forward or the refusal to deal with the past. Normalcy returning to the legs is you ready to move forward. Numbness in the face may have to do with events and experiences that you have not yet faced head on. The face feeling normal again indicates you are ready to face things.

See Emotions, Legs, Empty, Vacant, Feeling, Operation, Surgery, Nothingness, Body, Body Parts, Health, Dentist, Paralyzed, Legs, Arms, Accident, Wound, Cut, Hospital, Sterilize, Antiseptic.

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