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Oak Tree

The oak tree’s calm strength and deep roots remind us to stay connected to our foundation and source so we can restore our energy that was damaged by old emotional wounds. Oak helps humans stand tall and strong in our truth. The oak offers a lot of yang or male energy, which can be helpful when you need to get past adversity. It is also an excellent tree to work with when connecting with nature spirits and fairies. The acorn, the fruit of the tree, is a symbol of creativity. Keep one handy to draw inspiration into your life. The acorn also connects to the squirrel which teaches us to prepare for big changes ahead.  Healing Properties of the Oak Tree– Oak bark tea has many healing benefits, including relieving diarrhea, cold symptoms, and various digestion issues. Oak trees improve air quality through the process of photosynthesis and by absorbing airborne pollutants that are harmful to humans. Meditating with the Oak Tree– When working with the oak tree it is important to either sit with your back to the tree or by planting your feet as flat as possible and putting your forehead against the tree to connect deeply with the ancient ancestor within it. Be mindful and respectful. Focus on growth, grounding, knowledge, strength. The spirit of the tree will feel your sincerity.You will know if you are tapped into this wise being because you will feel its presence, or hear its deep, thoughtful voice.Ask questions and listen deeply. If you ask questions again and again, the spirit of the oak will disconnect with you. It has patience and will wait until you are mature enough to come to it again in the future with full integrity. Sit and write what comes to you.

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