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Awareness and attention to details are needed at this time. Your higher self is signalling to you that ‘something is not right.’ Pain signals imbalance in many areas of your life, like beliefs, patterns, programs, attitudes, emotions, judgements, limitations and thought processes, feelings, ideas, guilt and or negative emotions. You may have to look at your current life and dig into what has been stressing your energy or body. Be honest with yourself or the dream pain could manifest into the actual body if you do not let go of what is not serving you. If someone else is in pain, explore the side of you that this person may represent. That person may handle things well in real life and you are being asked to view their coping mechanisms for instance. What are you struggling with personally? Is there someone you need to forgive? Are you struggling to deal with relationships, your job, or with money or housing issues? Are you aware of your fears and seeking ways to confront them?

See Hurt, Memories, Numb, Misery, Body, Headache, Wound, Injury, Accident, Limp, Emotions, Energy, Blocked, Hurdles, Boundaries, Feeling, Lemon, Blackeye, Hit, Punch, Abuse, Beatings, Karma, Kick, Anger, Rage, Hands, Knuckles, Fist, Fight, Right, Left, Joints, Dentist, Doctor, Operation, Surgery.

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