Meaning for

Parallel World

A part of you that lives differently than others do, or in a parallel universe. An existence, realm, or experience that is within a separate reality. A world that is organically different from the one that humans share. Are you in a relationship or situation where you must act differently than who you really are? Do you and your mate seem to live in two different worlds? Do you sometimes feel like you were born in the wrong family? Do you feel sometimes like you have been dropped off on Earth and left to fend for yourself? Do you seem to live in a self-contained plane of existence, co-existing only with yourself and your own thoughts and feelings? Do you seem to have a second life, where in your mind, no one can tell you no and where you can choose any identity you wish?

See World, Earth, Matrix, Mirror, Identity, Freedom, Choice, Self, Yourself, Dimensions, Evolution, Separation, Meditation, Past Life, Weave, Veil.

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