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Celebrations, significant events or graduations. Your feelings and attitudes about your accomplishments and what should be celebrated or not celebrated in your life. Are you rewarding yourself enough for a job well done? Do you feel comfortable around and invigorated by other people or annoyed anxious and nervous around them? Do you sometimes have social anxiety or insecurity? Do you feel lost in a crowd? Is it time for a social gathering? Are you avoiding gatherings? Are you wishing for a soulmate to enter your life? If so, then your higher self may be telling you that you will never meet the right one while sitting around in your own kitchen or living room. You need to get out more and live a little.

See Anxiety, Soulmate, Celebrate, Buffet, Balloon, Socializing, People, Group, Invitation, Wedding, New Year’s, Soulmate, Roar, Yell, Surprise, Visitor, Relatives, Family.

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