Meaning for

Past Life

A part of you that is remembering who you were before. You in other lives where you had lessons that are like the ones in your current life. A part of you that may be longing to live the same experiences that you did in other lives once again. You may be getting glimpses of people who you know in this life that were also in past lives. These people could be soulmates that followed you to this life or vice versa. It could also be your twin flame. What is your life lesson in your present life? Have you meditated and tapped into your vast consciousness? Have you worked with the Akashic Records?

See Experience, Memories, Karma, Return, Akashic Records, Reincarnation, Incarnate Preparation, Immortality, Life Review, Past, Future, Self, Yourself, Soulmate, Soul Pieces, Soul, Twin Flame, Egypt, Victorian, Medieval, History, Parallel World, Evolution, Self-Discovery.

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