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A part of you that can be sensitive, emotional, gracious, caring, soft, gentle, emotionally aware, empathic, sympathetic, creative, imaginative, generous, complex, impressionable, and closed off. Are you sometimes overly indecisive, especially because you do not want to hurt someone else’s feelings? Do you connect with others on an emotional level? Do you get hurt easily? Are you extremely selfless, wanting to help others more often than helping yourself? Do you love to have your imagination stimulated? Are you artistic and creative? Do you love music and find it extremely calming? Are you sometimes accused of being swayed too easily by others? Do you have a hard time being assertive? Do you avoid confrontations? Do you feel vulnerable with others who are overbearing or controlling? Are you unable to handle people who criticize you or others? Do you sometimes withdraw from arguments rather than stand up for yourself? Gemstones for Pisces– aquamarine or jade. February 22- March 21 may be an important time for shift and change.

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