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Power Animals

You may be getting a strong calling to connect with Native American beliefs and teachings. You are being shown that all natural objects within the universe have souls or spirits. The spirits of the animals can influence or empower you with their powerful traits and characteristics and instincts. Each animal has a power and wisdom within their character and in what they do, and what they eat. Power animals may appear in dreams, during vision quests or at different stages of your life or spiritual development. They will help, guide, and protect you along your human journey. The more you study the animals that you either see in your dreams or in real life, the more you will understand the messages that animals are trying to convey to you. Some animals act as a guardian, patron, or protector for a group that you are a part of. This could mean a family, a community, or a nation, for instance. Power animals act much like a guardian spirit. This is apparent in school mascots, for instance, where the power of the animal helps sports teams. Each animal has its own great medicine power that can help you in all seasons of your life, like in sickness or in health. Your own spirit embodies the spirit energy and essence of the power animal and therefore you can work with that animal as if the strength of that animal is inside you. For instance, the bear carries the strength of all bears that have ever lived. The bear can help you heal. The turtle carries protection from all turtles that have lived and patiently walked on Mother Earth. The turtle can teach you patience. The owl carries wisdom, while the whale carries the ability to go on a long journey and to navigate using the alignment of the stars with the power of the universal wisdom. Your inner shaman is calling you to the sacredness deep within you. See individual animal for further information on specific animals.

See Animals, Totem, Quest, Protect, Transformation, Strength, Weak, Power, Manifest, Nature, Symbolism, Tail, Jaws, Fur, Claws, Whiskers, Leather, Skin, Intuition, Tame, Wild, Control, Cage, Zoo, Veterinarian, Wilderness, Kennel, Muzzle, Leash, Hoof, Horn, Antlers, Barking, Growling, Herd, Howling, Mascot, Return, Seasons, Saddle, Ride, Indian, Aboriginal, Tracking, Tracks.

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