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Asking questions or being asked a question may represent your guides who are pointing you towards what you need for growth, such as integration, relationships, expression, lessons, and the people places and things in your life that you need to pay closer attention to. Are you self-doubting or wondering what is important in your life? Are you on the right track in your life? Do you have a decision coming up surrounding lifestyle choices? Are you feeling challenged at work, in a relationship, or by family? Are you showing signs of stress or depression in your waking life? Are you disturbed over a life situation that you cannot control? Are you considering life changes around your current beliefs, patterns, programs, attitudes, emotions, judgements, limitations and thought processes?

See Answers, Yes, No, Higher Self, Quest, Life Journey, Life Purpose, False, Truth, Pendulum, Binary Responses, Freedom, Choice, Decisions, Interrogation, Interview, Investigation, Detective, Teacher, Password, Key, Self-Discovery, Integrate.

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