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A part of you that is abandoning an idea or a choice you made because you judge it. You may also feel you are not good enough or that the situation is not good enough for you. Things that do not meet your standards. Feeling incompetent or having a lack of self-worth. Are you feeling rejected in your job, in a relationship, or by family or friends? Do you feel better about yourself only when people are more accepting of what you are doing? Are you motivated by compliments or by making others happy? Do you only help yourself when it means you are helping others? Are you harbouring hidden anxieties? Is someone putting down your ideas because of their own insecurities? Are you feeling abandoned or abused in a life situation?

See Attraction, Abandon, Abuse, Heart Break, Fired, Failure, Bar, Deaf, Breasts, Amputation, Seizure, Panic, Anorexia, Judgement, Unemployed, War.

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