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Taking a hundred percent responsibility for your life. Allowing yourself to grow with the process of life and to learn as you go. Having freedom to choose on your own, with the understanding that you take responsibility for your own actions in your life. Not blaming others for your choices. You are nobody’s victim when you take responsibility for life choices, good or bad. This allows you to step fully into life. Stepping fully into roles, actions and emotions that arise because of having life experiences. Have you been acting like a victim? Have you been blaming others for your mistakes or life circumstances? Is it time to step up and take responsibility for your life? Is someone in your life needing to take responsibility for themselves? Are you setting someone up for victimhood by doing everything for them and enabling them or by controlling them?

See Selfish, Freedom, Self, Yourself, Respect, Victim, Control, Choice, Pandora’s Box, Relationship, Job, Experience, Rescue, Choice, Decisions.

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