Meaning for

Root Chakra

I am. Permission to be here on Earth. Feeling safe and secure.

Your 1st Chakra is at the base of your spine and is known as the Root Chakra. It is deep and or vibrant RED. This chakra has the lowest vibration in our body and houses our slowest wavelength.  It is located at the genitals, and is sometimes associated with the ovaries/testes… It grounds us and is the foundation of our energy system. It is connected to Mother Earth. It is affected by how secure and safe we feel. It deals with security, passion, job, home survival and money. Basic things like food, water, shelter and sex all come from this chakra. Men can learn to integrate their feminine power through this chakra and women their male power. Strangely enough, it is from this base chakra that we connect to sensories like smell. As this Chakra is connected strongly to our primal selves, cave men and women once had much stronger base chakras and the energy in that area circulated quicker. As we open up our instinctual side, our base chakras open and spin faster; hence many people study and teach about Kundalini energy which begins in this chakra. When making Sacred Love to your partner, the base chakra of each actually join energetically and bring harmony between all of the chakras within the body system.  This chakra is very important to study as it also houses our fears and insecurities and shames and so when these things are unclear within us and we are sharing sexual experiences with others then we are sharing our shame based fears as well and this is not okay.  Clear, Clear, Clear.

See Chakras, Red.

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