Meaning for

Sacral Chakra

I feel. Pleasure, sexuality, socializing.

Your 2nd Chakra is below your navel and is called the Sacral Chakra. Its color is ORANGE. Procreation begins here, as well as all of our creations. It is where we house our passions. Anyone who is lacking passion or lost a zest for life may need a bit of help in this important area of the body. Emotional dramas and unhealthy emotional behaviours are associated with this chakra, as well as sexual addictions.  Health issues may even present themselves in this area if it is not cleared and nurtured properly.  It is often associated with the adrenal glands, your stress glands. In the 1st chakra we have sex, but in the 2nd chakra (the sacral chakra) we make love. The 2nd chakra processes the Earth energy taken in through the 1st chakra and digests emotional energies into the nervous system. It’s associated with a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Control issues, pelvic and reproductive organs, including bladder, hips, liquids in the body, appendix and uterus are issues at this chakra.

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