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The different seasons of your life have brought you positives and negatives, ups and downs, victories and losses, progress, crisis, happy endings, and heartache. Seasons have always been a welcome relief and a way of resetting life’s refresh button and starting over again. There are many times in life that you have been in different seasons even when it was not the actual calendar season. For example, right now in life are you in the spring of your life and planting new ideas to be nurtured? Are you in the prime of your life, or the summer of your life? Are you in harvest mode and doing lots of work to reap the rewards of the seeds that you planted and nurtured in the spring? Are you in a resting period, taking time out to rejuvenate within, being in the winter of your life? Life cycles often coincide with actual calendar seasons also, as change is imminent with the alternating seasons. Your soul progresses with seasons, and you tend to learn lessons at the end of a season or at the beginning of another. You may get tired, shifty, and emotional during seasonal shifts, which is all a part of what makes you human. Seasons are all about balancing the positive and negative in your life.

See Sun, Moon, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Equinox, Solstice, Up, Down, Human, Shift, Change, Calendar, Schedule, Transformation, Shapeshifting, Planets, Balance, Return, Celebrate, Happiness, Letting Go, Heartbreak, End, Beginnings, Vibration.

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