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Developing whole new thoughts, concepts, or ideas. Repairing something through mending is to fix something in your own life, or to renew or restore order in your current life. Clothes are also an indication of your condition and status in life. It is therefore important to ask yourself, “What garment is being sewn?” The article of clothing shows areas of life where you would wear such an item, like special events, weddings, or other celebrations. It may also be pointing out what direction to go in or path to take next or is giving a prediction of things to come. It is time to begin taking responsibility for your own life and begin fixing yourself. For example, pants could be about your job. A dress is the feminine aspects of the self that need mending. Shoes are about moving forward in an area of life and so on.

See Clothes, Stitches, Scissors, String, Needle, Responsibility, Job, Pin Cushion, Seam, Repair, Zipper, Ripped, Fixing, Button, Tailor.

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