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This massive water animal indicates that there are deep-seated emotions hidden in the unconscious that occasionally come up to the surface and cause havoc and fear in others. Sharks do not always mean something negative, however they are a great example of how to navigate your emotional state. Are you deep in the waters of anxiety, depression, and self-destruction? Are you in deep scary water or are you in calm waters? The unconscious emotions are what the shark is helping you bring about in the dream. The shark is also an aspect of your personality that can turn on others quickly, good, or bad. With great power comes great emotional energy that can snap down on others if not used in a good way. Do you find others threatening? Are you the one that they must watch out for?

See Power Animals, Animal, Water, Emotions, Symbolism, Teeth, Jaws, Anger, Ocean, Sea, Kill, Fish, Bite.

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