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The way in which you shelter yourself from injury, trauma or unexpected events in life that make you lose balance in some way. Protection from outside influences. Protection from lower vibrational energies or energy vampires. Assertiveness vs. aggressiveness. Your guides and angels may be asking you to call on them to put their shield of protection around you. For instance, you can call on the white light of protection to be around you and your loved ones. Is your shield up with others? Are you not letting others in emotionally or mentally? Are you feeling triggered by someone which is making you act on a defense mechanism? Energy Shield- A spiritual, etheric, or geometrical energy field over the aura that protects you from outside influences or from negative energies.

See Protect, Shell, Blocked, Protect, Boundaries, Fence, Hedge, Injured, Balance, Energy, Clearing, Smudge, Energy Vampire, Past, Memories, Scared.

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