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The things you carry in life that weigh heavy on you, like sorrows, responsibilities, secrets, worries, expectations, commitments, insecurities, etc. When you finally start to let go of the heaviness in life, then the pain of the past shows up in the body. Past burdens manifesting as shoulder pain. Feelings of being held back because of others, which turn into anxieties and then resentment. Powerlessness, blockages, being locked in structure, and fear of what tomorrow will bring. Feeling crushed by life, and by perfectionism or the expectations that others have on you. The need to do things more purposefully and to live out your dreams. Are you the perfectionist? Are you being rigid or stubborn in an area of your life? Are you carrying the heavy burden of your past actions? Do you feel responsible for the happiness or wellbeing of others? Do you have too many things to do, and it is weighing heavy on your shoulders?

See Left, Right, Body, Arms, Blocked, Fear, Power, Strength, Past, Joints, Pain, Muscle, Karma, Weight, Baggage, Karma.

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