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The Metal- Coming in third place. A positive time in life. Valuables, conductor, strength, honesty, justice, purity, friends, dignity, royalty, self-control, power, responsibility, and insight. The Color– Silver draws out negativity and enhances positivity. Changes in direction. The silver cord that is connecting your spirit to the body. Moon energy healing and moon changes, purity, strength, health connections. Silver helps bring clarity, as it is a very neutral color. Too much silver around you can make your senses dull. You may get melancholy or feel lonely, dull, and lifeless. Silver in the aura could indicate pregnancy. Silver helps with emotional, physical, and mental cleansing. Reflection, energizing, helping to repel things, communications, soothing, calming, and patience.

See Colors, Responsibility, Grey, Metal, Hard, Strength, Cold, Olympics.

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