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A feminine aspect of the self that can be a bit annoying by times and maybe even a little bossy. Your own attitudes, values, and emotional responses that your subconscious mind is trying to get you to see or examine. The characteristics of the sister in the dream are aspects of the self that you may be currently feeling or experiencing, or you will be soon. It may also represent your real-life perception or your sister. She may represent another person, much like her, that you will soon hear about or take notice of. For example, a friend that feels like a sister may be about to enter your life or you are being warned of a person with your sisters’ qualities, that you need to watch out for. Family dreams are often reminders to consider ties or connections to others and to look at personal values. Sister is a projection of yourself in some way.

See Female, Family, Relatives, Yin, Self, Competition.

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