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Events in life that happen fast and are not easy to control. Sliding is an indication that you are going in the wrong direction in an area of your life. The slide also indicates that you are between stages in your life, and you may not be totally ready for the transformation that is coming. Brace yourself, because ready or not here it comes! You may be looking for quick solutions to get yourself ahead in life. You will have to be on top of tasks, so things do not go ‘down hill.’ A slide is a quick escape from dealing with things in an in-depth way. Not being on stable ground can get tricky after a while. Is it time for some cheer, fun and playfulness? Do you still have some childish qualities that allow you to let go? Do you need to let loose? Are you wishing to feel connected in a group setting?

See Park, Swing, Play, Swing, Seesaw, Child, Children, Skiing, Descend, Ascend.

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