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The ability to sense things like emotions, anxiety, and lies. To know that something is off or does not smell right. Detecting the things that are being hidden from you. A channel for the interior and the exterior all in one. An invocation of feelings, memories, instincts, and survival techniques. Taking a deep breath of life. The left nostril picks up smells associated with emotional memories. The right side picks up smells that makes you think rationally. Not being able to smell is you cutting yourself off from your power source, from your greatest ability, or your energy centre. A blocked nose is the unconscious act of not wanting to remember, to relive or deal with emotional pain of the past and wanting to resist current events that do not feel right or balanced in some way.

See Nose, Left, Right, Skunk, Stink, Perfume, Sewage, Odor, Scent, Attraction, Rejection, Sensual, Blocked.

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